Corporate Philosophy


CEO Todoroki Toyozo

CEO Todoroki Toyozo

CEO Todoroki Toyozo
With the achievements and efforts in maintaining and improving Japanese shoe production technology, we now see the time to supply our products for world shoe market and make them say “That’s the quality only Japanese ‘Thunder Shoes’ have!” through our inseparable production systems of “All made in Japan” and “Half made in Japan”.

President Todoroki Hideki
Our next objective is, not only to raise domestic competitiveness, but also to promote our brand value in the world market. And to establish these competitiveness and brand value, we will focus on developing more refined marketing strategy and multi-pronged channels.

50 years history

 1966Current chairman Toyozou Todoroki founded shoe making factory at 1-30-2 Hashiba, Taito-city, Tokyo, with capital fund of 31,000,000yen.
 1971Thunder Shoes Co., Ltd. established.
Toyozou Todoroki became the president.
 1972Pantaloon shoes gained popularity and promoted the name of Thunder widely.
 1973New company building of 5 stories was built in Nihon-zutsumi, Taito-city.
 1974Introduced state of art conveyer system.
 1975First company store opened at Asakusa Shin-Nakamise St., Tokyo
 1976Second company store opened at Koiwa-ekimae St., Tokyo.
 1977Thunder Trading Co., Ltd. established with the capital fund of 3,000,000yen.
Toyozou Todoroki became the president.
 1978Received major order of mesh shoes and succeeded in its mass production.
 1979Received major order of boots and succeeded in its mass production.
 1980Obtained the license of “Texas” brand.
 1981Built another factory in Senzoku, Taito-city.
 1982Increased capital fund to 8,000,000yen.
 1983Flexible management was realized by total abolishment of bill drawing.
 1986Obtained the license of “Ferrari” brand.
 1988Purchased factory site in Yamagata pref. and established Shinjo factory Co., Ltd. with the capital fund of 5,000,000yen to improve productivity.
Toyozou Todoroki became its president.
 1989Increased capital fund to 20,000,000yen.
 2000Obtained the license of “Ningen Sanka” brand by Kansai Yamamoto.
 2007Moved factory to 1-21-3 Kiyokawa, Taito-city, Tokyo.
 2010Moved head office to 1-21-4 Kiyokawa, Taito-city, Tokyo.
 2011Toyozou Todoroki became chairman and Hideki Todoroki became president.